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Solve is a small creative studio specializing in graphic design and web design. If you are looking for fresh creative, you're in the right place.

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Grantham Poole

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Home Builders Of Jackson

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195 Charmant Place, Ste 2
Ridgeland, MS 39157

E-Mail: bo@solvedesignstudio.com
Phone: 601-607-3292

What We Do


Identity is the way you visually communicate your brand. This type of work includes logo design, stationary, banners, advertisements and more. At Solve Design Studio, we don’t just throw ideas together, we do research and create graphics for print and web that take your branding farther.

Logo Design
Logo design is one of our favorite undertakings. We work with new or existing businesses to create a truly unique logo. Proper thought and research are at the heart of our logo development projects. For us, logo design isn’t just about what it looks like, but what it means.

Business Papers (Business Card, Stationary, etc.)
A company with great business collateral always makes a statement. Many can be excited to learn that business cards and envelopes are very inexpensive. What if, however, you spent just a few more dollars and had a marketing tool for a business card? What if your envelope or stationary created a conversation? We’d say that’s what success looks like.

Brochures, Rack Cards and Folders
Sometimes you need to deliver more information to your audience. You want an attention getting “send ahead” or “leave behind.” There are many ways to create something awesome and memorable without breaking the bank. That’s where we come in.

Document layout
There are times when you may have a simple newsletter in mind, or even a complex report layout. Even down to the most mundane tasks, we find a way to add a layer of sophistication that will be noticed. The rules of typography are near and dear to our hearts, and document layout is one of those details that make you look top-notch.

Advertising Campaigns
Why spend money on ad campaigns that don’t get you noticed? Don’t do that! Let’s talk about where you should spend your advertising dollars and what you should say.

Brand Standards
If you have lots of people that work at your company, having a brand standards guide is an important part of corporate communication. We create a report (from simple to complex) that will give guidance to your employees in laying out documents, and how to use branded design elements in their communications.

Social Media Image Packages
Does your company have a social life? Make sure that your social media graphics communicate the same consistent image for your brand across the board.

Web Development

Your online presence is more important than ever. If building a meaningful website was just a couple of clicks away, we’d be out of a job. There are lots of elements to think about when considering a new website. We have a deep understanding of the process and work to educate clients on what is important and what is not. Each web project we touch is unique to our client. No two projects are ever the same.

Website Preparations
Are you interested in having a strong web presence? Great. First steps are important and need to be addressed early on. Your chosen URL, hosting, email and content management system should be considered before moving forward.

Website Design
This is what most people think of when it comes to building a website. At Solve, we believe in simple, clean website design. Additionally, it is more important than ever for your website to be responsive; responding to look great on whatever device a person might be using to view your website. No one is excited to be online anymore – it’s just a necessary part of our lives. We build websites that can quickly and easily communicate your company message while looking professional.

Social Media Account Set-up
If you don’t already have your “social life” in place, we can work with you to create those accounts, link them to your website and make sure that they look amazing. We work with you in determining which platforms might be the best communication tools for your intended audience.

Content Management
Companies don’t want “just a website” anymore. You want your business online. You want to be able to manage the content on your site. Solve will address the areas of your site that you want to be in control of and provide you with a robust tool for you to use. We promote sustainable, scalable websites where you remain in charge.

If you want to sell products or services online, or need to collect money electronically through your website, we can help.

Search Engine Optimization
The term SEO has become an industry unto itself. Search is a vital part of any business. While we do NOT specialize in SEO, you can be confident that a baseline level of optimization will automatically take place. There are many strategies that we can implement into your website to give it a strong, searchable presence.


Over the years, Solve has been sought out for our brains as well as our artistic skillset. We have what we call the HumanSense ApproachTM and work with clients to de-mystify the what-to-do and how-to-do it ideas that can be overwhelming.

Creative Marketing Consulting
Advertising Strategy Consulting
Online/Social Strategy Consulting

When Solve works with a client as a consultant, a plan is set in motion that is measureable, a plan with an outcome and timetable. At the end of any consulting project, Solve provides the client with a specific deliverable in the form of a report with useful documentation about the topic that will continue to serve the client.

Professional Speaking/Training
Are you looking for someone to speak, inform and motivate on branding, marketing and communication? Solve Creative Director, Bo Pentecost, can facilitate an informative and entertaining presentation perfect for your audience. Bo is comfortable with crowds, both large and small, and will make certain your group walks away smarter and more confident.

What We Don't Do

Free Pitch
More than ever, we believe that the best of us is in our brain. We are happy to meet with you and discuss your project for free. This means that an initial listening meeting is free. We do not pitch ideas for free.

Work With Everyone
Unfortunately, sometimes we are not able to help. There are times when we are too busy to meet new, fast deadlines or meet budget requirements. It is just the case sometimes. In addition, there are times when we just feel like we are not the best creative match for a company. In those cases, we
are upfront.

Proposals with No Concept
Our goal is to provide you with EFFECTIVE communication in any media. Design for design's sake isn't what we believe in. We work to have meaning in every proposal or project we execute. At Solve, we believe in function over form.

Use fonts like Comic Sans, Papyrus, Arial or Times New Roman. :) (but seriously)

Create a million concepts
What we do, is create the best one. After we meet and determine the scope of a project and a strategy, we work to create the BEST concept. There can be multiple successful solutions to any one problem, so we will pitch a couple of rough ideas for approval and then develop the best concept. Not only is this the way we believe it should be, but it keeps your cost down. You don't want to pay us to come up with 3 concepts - one will be awesome, one will be terrible and you'll take the one in the middle. That doesn't seem fair to us.

Remain Silent
We do not believe the customer is always right. That doesn't mean that we are disagreeable - but we will disagree if we feel it is in your best interest. At the end of the day, our clients maintain control over their project and, of course, have final say - but we are quick to speak up if we disagree. It's why you hired us, right? :)

Adobe Flash
We do NOT promote the use of Adobe Flash. It's old and tired. Let it go.

Make Your Business Succeed
As hard as we work for you, and no matter how awesome we make your project or brand, please remember that we will never be able to single-handedly make your business awesome. The ball remains in your court when it comes to your business success. There's no website, brochure or ad that can make people love you. We believe it is our job to put you in the best possible position for success by using our tools to educate folks and communicate the value of your product or service to them. In other words, we work to turn heads and educate people, after that, it's up to you.

See About Us

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“ We have come to rely on Solve and are thrilled to have them as a part of the team at BankPlus. ”

Courtney Shaw Marketing, BankPlus

Bo Pentecost

creative director

Virgilio "V" Guardado

art director

Clayton Thigpen

web development director

We Make Stuff Awesome

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality creative work to all of our clients. We work hard to make sure that your project provides a return on your investment.

Our Ideology

At Solve, we train and learn more about our craft every day. We are fueled by our passion for design and have a deep-rooted belief that what we do changes businesses. We form meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our clients, not only because it increases our understanding of their businesses, but also of them as people. It is that commitment to art and our clients that has been the root of Solve’s success and what sustains it.

Solve is a small graphic design and web design studio located in Ridgeland, Mississippi (Metro Jackson, MS). We specialize in creating solutions for print and web design. In print design, we handle everything from logo design and brochure design to advertising development and campaign execution. When it comes to web design, we can guide you from website development and website design all the way to search engine optimization strategies for your website.

The approach we take at Solve is different. Our thinking is big, our egos small (maybe medium). The Solve approach is based on a collaborative and productive relationship with our clients. In getting to know those who know their business best, we find ourselves unearthing hidden potential in people, brands and business.

Our work is creativity. Our work is invention. We don’t just dream about what could be; we build what will be. We work together and ideas take flight. Those dreams become real. Those actions fuel success. The end result is an experience that will reward us both.

Our Clients

GranthamPoole PLLC
Nutrition Systems
Purchasing Alliance
Trilogy Healthcare
St. Dominic Hospital
Home Builders Assoc. of Jackson
...among others


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